The Seed of Yoga

Our minds, bodies, and souls are home to many seeds. These seeds may have been planted many years, or lifetimes, ago by loved ones, life experiences, and through self-study. There are seeds of wisdom, seeds of loving-kindness and seeds of gratitude. There are also seeds of ego, seeds of anger, seeds of resentment, and seeds of hate. It is said that since all of these seeds are already present in the self, that the seeds which are nurtured, watered, cared for and practiced are those seeds that eventually come to fruit.

When I decided to partake in the journey to become a yoga teacher, I had been practicing asana for quite some time. However, it was not until my trip to India, and my subsequent training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in 2011, that the seed of the yogic life, and the movement away from the material world, was planted. Those seeds of ego and anger were still alive and strong, even after completing the course work at Arhanta. However, through first becoming aware of their existence, and secondly, practicing consistently, I have learned how to cultivate the seeds of loving-kindness, gratitude and wisdom.

My experience at Arhanta planted many seeds. The seeds of yoga, and the comprehensive yogic path set my life in a new direction. I was, and I am, transformed. I have continued, expanded, and nurtured my practice since leaving the ashram. I have had the opportunity to practice with many of the world’s finest teachers, and to teach some of the world’s finest students. I have grown beyond my wildest expectations. The asanas have become an outward expression of the work that I have done internally, to move beyond illusion, and into my purest essential nature.

I am beyond grateful for all of the knowledge and support from all of my teachers. Because they planted the seed of yoga, I am aware of my path, and my truth. Because they planted those seeds, and gave me the tools to cultivate them, I have learned that true love begins with loving myself.