Yoga in Nature

Why? The short answer: practicing yoga outside connects us with our natural surrounding, inviting us to make connections between the asanas and the natural world.

Since I’ve begun to take my practice outside more regularly, I have notice an overall shift in my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Not only does outdoor yoga allow us a fuller opportunity to be present, and enjoy nature, it also challenges us in ways that a controlled yoga studio space is unable to. There are many conditions that are out of our control when it comes to an outdoor practice. If we can persevere, and practice in spite of the conditions we are handed, we are putting our practice to more work than we can even comprehend. Yoga is a tool that we can tap into when the conditions in our life are out of our control. This inner peace is something that needs to be reached, in order to maintain balance in a practice held outside. Simple, and foundational poses, like tree pose become challenging in new and exciting ways. And have you tried to handstand outside? It is a whole new world!